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Ryan and Jess Lippett moved to the East Midlands from their home town of Penarth (near Cardiff) in 2016. in July 2017, they welcomed their beautiful baby girl. She was named Eleri, a traditional Welsh name based on the Eleri River in Wales.


In order to try and teach Eleri about her Welsh heritage, one snowy day in March 2018, Jess & Ryan decided to introduce Eleri to welshcakes, but soon realised they weren't readily available in local supermarkets like they were back home! Jess & Ryan took to the hot plate and decided to have a go at making home made welshcakes instead. After handing out the leftovers to friends and colleagues they soon realised that there was a market for these small Welsh delights in the East Midlands...


…. and who better to be the face of the business than Eleri herself?

After a fantastic 4 years in the East Midlands, the Lippett's moved back to South Wales, where they continue to grow their family business everyday!

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